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                                                                  Student Visa for Australia  

 Want to Grab your student visa in your first trial itself? Then you have approached the right site. In this blog we shall learn how and what about the entire visa process to Australia.

 Let your dreams fly high with focused information.  

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With a bag of dreams, we all start our journey to study abroad, we are clueless half a path and lucky in the other path. So, to avoid this bewildered nature of us in this big journey of studying in Australia, it is better to start with the informed minds and conscious actions. This blog will help you with this.  

Hence before going further, one shall know the type of visa a student must acquire to study in Australia.  

 Subclass 500 student visa 

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The Most commonly known student visa to Australia is the Subclass 500 visa. Subclass 500 visa was introduced by the Australian government in 2016. The students under this visa are allowed to stay in Australia up to 5 years in line of course. Advantage of this type of visa is that the student can bring a family member along with them.  

Other Types of Visas in Australia  

It is required to know about different types of visas to get a complete picture of Australia kind of visas, which are useful during and after your studies abroad.  

Student Guardian Visa (subclass 590) 

This visa is for guardianship with the international student in Australia and 3 months’ study or ELICOS (English language course) for 20 hours per week for the duration of the visa.  

Visitor Visa (subclass 600, 601, 651) 

For a maximum of 3 months, visitor visa is for those who want to visit the country for a short duration.  

Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417 and 462)  

This visa applies to the working professional who travels to the country on work purpose, it is for a maximum of 4 months.   

Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) 

It is for the students completing Australian education. It allows them to stay and gain work experience for 18 months to 4 years. 

Training Visa (subclass 407) 

It is for people who want to come to Australia on a temporary basis to participate in occupational training or professional development.  

 Documents required. 

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Gathering the required documents makes the process hurdle free in the future. These documents are the primary source to say that you’re eligible to study in, let us know what all the necessary papers are to apply for student visa for Australia.  

  • Passport  

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Every abroad journey first starts with you applying for a passport. Passport is a general and basic requirement to travel to any country in the world. So, it is the first thing to gather in your required documents folder.  

  • CoE (Confirmation of Enrollment)/ Offer Letter 

 It is given to the students who have enrolled for the particular university and got accepted when they registered on CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students). It is a letter offered by the University for a particular course enrolled.   

  • OSHC (Overseas Health Cover)/ Insurance  

 Australia is one among those countries which is strict about its health insurance. All the overseas students studying in Australia must apply for OSHC (Overseas Health Cover)/ Insurance and carry these documents with them.  

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Proof 

 Subclass 500 student visas will require students to prove that they are GTEs. Here the students should prove that they wish to visit Australia only for education and will come back to their own country after the course or gain some experience.  

  • Character requirement  

 All students applying for student visas in Australia must possess proof of their good character which should include no criminal cases in their names and proof of never being deported earlier from Australia.  

Other important documents 

  •  English Language Test Scores 
  • Evidence of Financial Capacity  
  • Payment receipt for the application fee.  
  • Non-immigrant application for the visa.  
  • Acceptance letter from the university  
  • Digital photographs.  
  • Diplomas, transcripts, certificates, and degrees.  
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose).  
  • Proof of Funds.  

 Application Process  

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Here let us briefly know the application process step by step to make it reader friendly. The important steps of application are:  


  •  Registration and Application to educational institution in Australia 
  • Once registered you will receive an unconditional offer letter. 
  • The next thing you will do is to accept the letter by paying the tuition costs in order to acquire OSHC.
  • After paying the fee you will receive eCOE (Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment) letter.  


 As soon as you register for university, the next thing to do is to collect required documents. They are:  

  • Evidence of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)  
  • Other documents (as discussed above) 


 Now that you have registered for university and have necessary documents with you, you will now need to apply for the student visa as below:  

  • Fill visa application form (mostly Subclass 500)  
  • Pay application fee in Australian dollars.  


Once you submit the visa application form and paid the fee, you must follow the below standard necessities and obtain required documental proofs like  

  • Medical examination- An approved Australian Immigration panel physician (hospital/clinic) must conduct the examination. 
  • Schedule a biometrics appointment. 

 Time period of Visa Approval  

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Usually, to get visa approval it takes around minimum of a month and maximum of 6 months. The letter of Approval will be sent to your registered mail account. Australian student visas (Subclass 500) are electronic so you will not receive any visa grant stamps on your passport. So don’t panic!  

 Acceptance rate  

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Always, the Student Visa Acceptance Rate for various sectors of education in Australia depends upon the sector one is applying to study. The different acceptance rate for various sectors is:  

  • Higher Education: 23.3% 
  • Vocational and Educational Training: 18.9% 
  • Postgraduate Research Sector: 11.8% 
  • ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students): 82.8% 

To make your student visa successful and to get assured guidance please consult our counsellors, we are here to guide you and lead you in the right direction. Hope this blog is useful. CarrerCheQ Go Abroad wishes you the best and successful career ahead.  

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 Best of Luck 🍀 





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