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                                                                  Pros and Cons in the first year of abroad

Usually, it is said that the first year abroad is tougher, due to many unfamiliar casualties in foreign countries. To know what they are before going is very important to avoid anxiety and loneliness. So, let us know some Pros and Cons of studying as a first-year student abroad in this blog.  

Firstly, let’s appreciate all of those students who are ready to take a courageous and brave decision to study abroad for their better future. 

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First years as international students can be difficult due to culture shock and other hurdles while moving to a new place and settling to the foreign atmosphere. They are exposed to new opportunities and can only be able to use them properly by knowing their experience as first years beforehand and so, they will be able to maximize the chance to grab a perfect overseas experience.  

So, let us know about pros and cons of first year while studying abroad 

First let us know about Pros 

  1. You will learn to be independent 

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Living alone overseas may be horrifying at the beginning, which can be called as the most important set back as a freshman. But trust me, this fear is the symbol saying that you are out of your comfort zone and starting to live independently both physically and emotionally. 

Once you start living in university dorms or homestays or rent a flat you will find out that the dorms or residencies which are experienced in India are totally different compared to Foreign. This journey will make you more independent where you can make choices and decisions more maturely.   

2. Freedom and cultural competence 

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Okay, now studying abroad is all about freedom to explore, one must explore as many places as possible while immersing in the local cultural competency. This will help you build character and a better sense of the world. If you believe in exploring life, then this is a chance while studying abroad. 

3. You can improve your network and communication 


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In this 21st century, it is important to adhere to global standards to find a good job. Studying abroad will help you improve your fluency in language. It will also help you to make some valuable international networks. You can also interact with different communities and lead a unique network of your kind. 

4. You will be a curious person to learn new things

When you move abroad, in your first year everything in the markets of foreign land can be mesmerizing for you. You will be curious about their lifestyle, and you will try to adopt them. What can be more fascinating when everything fascinates you, like their way of dressing, walking, skin color, accent, buildings, food, technology and much more. This is your chance to be curious and learn as well.   

5. You will learn how to budget your money 

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In the first few months as a fresh student abroad, you can be careless and unmanaged with your spendings, this can be due to lack of proper understanding of how the currency and market works. But in a few months, you will get a broader picture of your spending and you will manage the money properly. This can help in future as well to manage the expenditure properly. 

Now look at the cons, as first year student in abroad 

  1. Fear of missing out 


It is normally called FOMO- fear of missing out, which is caused by the significantly challenging curriculum and difficulties in navigating the worst scenarios abroad. This is a feeling of missing the things your friends/family in native country are experiencing, whereas these experiences may not be casual in the foreign land. This can be food, festivals, parties etc. I can say this can be the worst feeling.  

2. You may take things for granted 

Sometimes living abroad can make a person naive, so you may delay the things you need to learn and experience.  Time is taken as granted; this will leave you in regret later. 

3. Homesickness 

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Being away from Family and home can make you feel lonely abroad. You find it hard to mingle with friend groups until you find your own kind. Lifestyle problems are a major trait if you want to talk to your loved ones in native nation. This can increase stress levels and lead to homesickness.  To avoid this many international students, like to live in homestays to make it feel like home! 

4. Experiencing cultural shock 

As soon as you land in foreign nation, you may feel a little clumsy and awkward due to the difference in cultural shock like dressing, food, technology. Everything feels unsettled, you may experience sudden shock while migrating. This feeling is mostly temporary, you may experience it in your first months abroad. 

5. Balancing work with studies 

Many of us work for Part time while studying abroad to meet our day-to-day needs. At the same time, we will also experience the new way of teaching and academics which can be difficult to accommodate in your first few months. So, balancing both work and studies is a major milestone to cross.  

6. Overspending out of excitement 

While studying abroad most of the students think of buying things out of excitement, with freedom and independence in choice making, this can be worse if not controlled properly.  

7. Talking to family, friends/ closed ones 


This is a major setback due to timing differences, here time plays a crucial role. Miscommunication while studying abroad is a common feature of misunderstandings, which may increase anxiety and pressure while affecting studies.  

So, now that we have seen pros and cons in the first year of studying abroad, one must keep them all in mind and follow your abroad journey with ease and comfort. 

Happy Journey ☘



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