Is it your first time abroad? Know all the Do’s and Don’ts of travelling abroad

Travelling abroad alone or with friends to study abroad demands you to know all the required things about the process to make the travelling experience secure. This page will help you to be fully informed about all the dos and don’ts of travelling abroad. If you are travelling abroad for the first time, then you MUST read it!  

 Begin where you are, but don’t stay where you are, is that right?  

After a lot of effort now that everything about the applications, Visa, acceptance letters is positively completed, it is required to know about the things you have to do and not to do. Because, with a clear conscience and informed mind you can feel safe and less anxious. 

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Now let’s see the Do’s and Don’ts of travelling abroad in short and crispy way, to avoid those long readings:   


 Passport- Check  

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  • Check your passport validity as per the country’s requirements, if it isn’t your fresh applied passport.  
  • Sign your passport on the prescribed page because an unsigned passport is not valid.  
  • Make sure to keep your passport safe, take it out only when required.  
  • If your passport or valuables are stolen abroad, report it to the local police and get a statement. 

 Prior Safety Rules-Check  

  • Try to go through the travel advice pages of the country you are going to. 
  • Check out the website of the embassy and know the nearest one to the place you are studying in the foreign land.  
  • Know the health insurance policies of the particular country and try to have one for those emergency times.  
  • Take note of all those emergency contact numbers with you.  

 Post-Covid Risk- Check 

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  • In the Post-Covid era it is better to keep track of the health risks of the particular country you are travelling to.  
  • Don’t forget to carry your vaccination certificate, thanks to digital India now you can just download an e-copy of the certificate in your cell phone.   
  • Don’t forget to carry your doctor prescription letter with you. 

 Financial details-Check 

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  • Look forward to the expiry dates of your international card and get fully informed about further processes by your bank in India.  
  • Try to take more than one means of payment with you like cash, prepaid travel card, debit card, credit card and check which works out cheapest.  

 Important things-Check 

  •  check your driving license validity and carry it with you in case and you can know the driving laws of the foreign land if you’re planning to get one. 
  • Ask what to do to make sure your phone works abroad with your service provider. For safety, leave your phone’s IMEI number with a friend or family member, to help block or find the phone if there’s a problem. 

Onboard safety- Check  

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  • Try to be alert and observant and report any unattended items or suspicious activity by individuals to the local or appropriate authorities and contact the emergency services.  

                           Because unfortunate things don’t happen with caution!  

  •  Try to keep valuables such as mobile phones or digital cameras safe and don’t forget to consider using a padlock on your luggage bag. 

Next, let’s quickly look at the things you should not do:  


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  •  Avoid scams while booking your flight tickets, make sure you book through the authorized travel services.  
  • Be healthy and avoid accidents before travelling, we personally don’t want to cancel our flights. We should also keep in mind that there is no one to take of you as soon as you land in foreign land. So, take care of your health.  
  • Avoid last moment rush and follow the packing rules I mentioned in the previous blog!  

 Now that you know all the dos and don’ts, try to follow your passion with good behavior. Travelling abroad and respecting your dream will be worth taking this journey of yours. So, let’s not stop dreaming and following our instincts.  


Happy Journey!  🙂 


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