HOW IS STUDENT LIFE IN USA?

We acknowledge your courageous decision to study in the USA and we have come up with the particular information which could indeed make your studies in the United States of America an exceptionally bright choice. 

Know how to make your studies in the cities of the USA beyond and above your expectations, in this blog. ↓ 

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One of the characteristic features of learning is experiencing, this scope of learning is humongous in the lightning cities of the USA. With the sense of adventure, it is worth studying here where bigger opportunities in life awaits you.  

  Of Course, you might be thinking the whole relocation process to the USA is tiring and eventually does not resemble your home culture. What if I say this perspective of yours is wrong?  

  Because the Indian American population only in New York City is about 526,133, as of 2022, which is the highest in all of North America. So, before knowing why many people prefer to study in this country, let us know about American culture and their way of living.  


Culture in America 


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It is understandable that moving to an unfamiliar foreign place is worrisome and confusing, but this can be avoided by knowing the culture of foreign land before departure. By knowing the values of that particular country, even the transition time can be reduced and made getting used to that place easy.  So, let’s get familiar with some of the values that American people hold like that of Indian’s.  

  • Individualism – Americans adhere to the concept of independent and individual self-behavior, instead of interrelated families.  
  • Equality – The American Declaration conforms to the principle of equality like that of the Indian constitution, so never be surprised nor uncomfortable when a person casually bows to you!  
  • Friendly and informal greetings– Never mistake a person for their friendly and informal posture, dress or talk for rudeness, it is their culture to treat everyone in a friendly manner. So, if a shopkeeper or waiter tells you his first name or explains a situation, be a friend and listen to them. But of course, you should know when to stop and handle the incident!  
  • Open and directness – Americans are franker and more direct to their fellow members to avoid closed walls and tend to openness in their daily lives to escape misunderstandings.  


  Cultural shock to international students 

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Every international student in one way or another faces a phenomenon called “Cultural Shock” when relocating in foreign land. It is a feeling of disorientation while experiencing a new lifestyle. Students find it hard to adjust to the host country and experience mental dilemmas. So, it is better to know the symptoms of cultural shock and how to handle them before your departure. Some of them are:  

  • Loneliness 
  • Sleeplessness  
  • Lack of confidence 
  • Feeling of vulnerability  
  • Sickness of health  

  You have to deal with this cultural shock by talking to your family members and remembering yourself the core objective of leaving your hometown.  

Academic curriculum  

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The academic curriculum of America is mostly self-learning methodology, you will be responsible for your assignments and other work, but yeah lecturers will be available to clear your questions and help you in the learning process, but nothing is spoon-fed here.  

This might take some time to get used to, but which I can say is a good way of learning things but.  

  How will your social life be?  

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While interacting in your admission process you might understand that most of the communication is through the emails. Most of the USA’s population prefers to use emails as the basic communication means. But of course, even other technologies have also reached them, but emails are frequently used. 

 In most US campuses computers and Internet connections are easily accessible.  

 The thing to remember is, don’t forget to greet people by saying “hello” and “how are you?” because as i said it’s an open and friendly culture. You will need to adjust to it.  

  Work culture 

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Part time work culture is pretty common in this country, the natives start working part time even during undergraduate studies, as mentioned above, the people here like to achieve individuality as soon as they attain a legal age. Knowing this, it brings a relief that there are tons of part time jobs available to international students as well.  

 Usually, the international students are allowed to work only for 20 hrs. a week with an average pay of $15 per hour. Again, this may differ according to legality and the university rules.  

  But if you satisfy all the legalities the universities mention, don’t forget to open the university portal for job offers!  

  Cost of living  



It is estimated that on an average it costs around USD 1,000 and USD 3,000 a month excluding course costs and Student accommodations in the US, which usually include your shopping, food and other expenses.  

A student accommodation in the USA can cost from 9,800 USD to 14,400 USD a year, which usually depends on the location and type of housing.  

There are two main types of accommodations, they are on-campus and off-campus in the USA for international students.  

 How to get a sim card?  

  In America it is necessary to possess a cell phone before buying a sim card, only if you show your unlocked phone to service providers, you will be given a sim card. So, it is advised to take a phone from your home country.  

  You can also choose an international sim card from your local service provider before travelling to the USA.  


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Travelling is a necessity, considering that we shall see what kind of transport means most cost friendly and time saving.  

 Buses in the USA have extensive connections which are less expensive but take longer time.  

 Subways are cheaper if you want to travel for long distances.  

 Taxis can be more expensive.  

  For a short distance destination, choose to walk because this country has some excellently built pavements where you can walk effortlessly.  


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The USA experiences diverse weather patterns, the country is divided into four vast regions:  

  • the West (California, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona)  
  • the Midwest (Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Kansas)  
  • the South (Texas, Mississippi, Florida), and  
  • the Northeast (New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts)

 So, it is hard to predict average weather because it totally depends on the place one stays. To research on the weather pattern of the particular place you’re travelling to, it is advised to visit websites like 

  Places to visit/ Food  

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This gorgeous country has unique places in each city and state to visit. It is a different life experience to see them and embrace them. Studying abroad is worth visiting them all and learning about them. I will come up with another blog where you can find a list of places to visit in USA.  

Food of course, is a multi-cuisine with multi-cultural immigrations. They are blissful and a blessing of this country.  

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So, do not forget to visit good places and taste good food when you are abroad!  

  Happy journey! 😊  

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