HOW IS STUDENT LIFE IN UK?  

 Looking to study in the UK? Here you will know everything about the UK like student life, Accommodation, Cost of living, Part time work and more. Now make your life as a student much easier with this informative blog.  

 If you are a person looking for some enriching experience in life, then there are a lot more than studies in the United Kingdoms. Build your career in a friendly path and procure a fascinating student life in the UK!  

 Let’s Find how is it to be an international student in UK  


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With top notch universities the UK is filled with huge opportunities. It is a country colorfully filled with diverse ethnicities and amazing cultures. To experience this one must be well informed about everything which can make this journey less stressful and low anxiety driven. So, it is advised to go through this blog and be updated.  

 First, let us know about UK as a nation  

 About UK  

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Being the world’s leading education destination, The United Kingdom (UK) is known for its quality and interactive curriculum. It is estimated that over 600,000 international students come to the UK to study every year. The country offers diverse courses like business and management, law, and finance, engineering, science, art and design. With this reputation the country is attracting some intelligent minds with high standard infrastructure for research.  

 The UK is a country of freedom where the curriculum is mostly interactive and friendly which can bring a living changing differences in students’ minds and prepare them for the real world.  

 The country is also known for its multi-cultural diversity welcoming people from worldwide. The students can learn to start conversations in global standards and build a world class network with its multi-ethnic diversities.    

 So, with highly skilled staff, student-friendly policies, and world-class research centers, the country is a dream for many students like you!  

 Life in UK 


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Life in the UK is not much different from that of India because of its characteristic exposure to diverse cultures is a common significance in India with large cultural harmony.  

 Life here teaches you to live individually and keep yourself more systematic and controlling. You will get a great opportunity to build lifelong friendships and global features needed to get a job in top MNC’s in the world.  

 You will experience a life filled with beautiful memories and innovative places like football matches, karaoke nights, live music performances and others are classic affairs here. Every city in the UK comes with movie theatres for your movie nights.  

 So, while attending your studies, you can also learn and explore life in the UK! 

 Cost of living  

Financial planning is crucial when you are living as an international student. To do so, one must be aware of the cost of living, at a prior rate. So, let’s see that:  

 It is said that the living costs in the UK are usually cheaper than in the USA. With approximate yearly living costs for London are £13,400 or INR 13.45 lakhs and they are roughly £12,000 for other parts of England or INR 11.95 lakhs.  

  1. Accommodation  

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For a peaceful life a peaceful place is required, in a country like the UK it is necessary to find good accommodation for a lively experience and feel the nation breeze. There are three types of accommodations usually in UK like:   

 University halls:  

International students often choose to come here at the beginning due to their lack of experience in the city. As they ensure safety and convenience within university campuses.  


 I can say that is the best stay one can find, if one likes to live with the same community. The stay here usually covers everything from food and laundry to rent and utilities, costing around 750 Pounds. People usually live like a family here.  

 Private student halls  

 It is a bit costlier but a best choice for those who want to live independently with great amenities like Wi-Fi, movie rooms etc.  

 Shared and Rented flats  

 This is a choice of freshers who want to live with their friends. 

 2. Transportation: 

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The UK is a country with a vast train network connecting the local and national places. The students in the age group of 16-25 may apply for rail cards and avail 1/3rd of discount rate per ticket price. It is fascinating to know that one can explore Europe via Eurostar alone.  

 You can also get into Eurail or Interrail for covering several places in Europe. Try to get your Eurail Youth Pass which offers discounts up to 25% and enables you to travel across 33 countries in Europe. Student Oyster cards also provide discounts up to 30% in London. 

 What’s more relieving than having discounts on your travel plans?  

 The UK also has the most affordable bus network. They say that the Tube is the best option in London.  

 Part time work  

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Part time work culture is a necessary feature for many international students to have financial independence and be productive. It is also a molding experience with the UK’s work culture. You will earn around 10 pounds per hour. Some of the rules of the part time are:  

 You can work for 20 hours per week if you are enrolled in a full-time degree program. During holidays, you are allowed to work for 40 hours per week. 

 But Students enrolled in foundation level programs are only allowed to work for 10 hours per week. 


 United Kingdom summers are Almighty! One can find a greater scenic view in summers, although a major part of the year is rainy and cold.  

Spring in the UK is dreamy with its colorful flowers.  

 Winters are usually accompanied by rain, snow, fog, and a persistent chill. The temperature ranges between 0-7°C.  

 Finally, I advise you to carry an umbrella in your backpack to escape the rains in this mostly rainy country!   

 Places to visit/travel  

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The country of literature and art is lovely and romantic with a greater aesthetic view. The country has a life in itself covering huge musical spectrums and dramas to attend, ranging from Shakespeare to opera.  

 Some of the places to explore are:  

  • National Gallery and Tate Modern in London,  
  • Glastonbury Festival every year. 
  • Buckingham Palace,  
  • Big Ben,  
  • Tower of London,  
  • London Eye,  
  • the Houses of Parliament,  
  • the British Film Institute and National Theatre and more  


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London has some glorious restaurants and cafes. British supermarkets also provide different types of foods and beverages.  

 Do you know, you can have a blissful taste of Hyderabadi biryani in London as well?  

 Moreover, do not miss the ecstatic English breakfast and the fish and chips, it’s Savoury to your appetite!  

 Hope, this is helpful and guiding to your journey. All the best! 😊  


Thank you for reading!  


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