HOW IS STUDENT LIFE IN CANADA?

Interested to study in Canada? Know everything about the student life Accommodation, Cost of living, Part time work and more in this blog. Make your life as a student much easier by knowing these things ahead.  

Student life is more than studies and academic activities, if you wanna be an international student then the probability of enjoying your student life is even more thrilling and life thriving. So, never miss an opportunity to enjoy and explore!  

 Let’s know about your student life in the vibrant cities of Canada  


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For its promising career and high quality of life, Canada is the destination for a massive number of international students every year. To make your student life in Canada a lot less complicated, it is advised to go through this informative blog.  

 So first let us know about Canada.  

 About Canada 

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Being one of the best destinations for overseas studies, Canada welcomes international students in their top universities that are offering quality student life. The Canadian lifestyle is easy to adopt and exciting for international students from across the globe.  

 With top notch infrastructure the universities provide a good amount of extracurricular activities, and cultural programs to help international students to mold into Canadian culture. 

 With all these facilities Canada is in the top list for Indian students, where nearly a lakh students go for their studies to spend quality time and upgrade their skills.  

 Life in Canada 

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 Canada being the world’s biggest human capital importer, which is more than USA immigrants, Studying here is a good opportunity to come across the diverse ethnic communities of the country like Canadians, English, Scots, French, Irish, and Indians. This aspect of Canadian student life can be a great use while working in global firms and to make a great difference in one’s life by feeling comfortable in their global interactions. Life in Canada will teach you for the future.  

 Keeping aside the self-development aspects, the Canadian government takes an extreme importance on education and works hard so that students receive the best education. With the number of international students in Canada increasing each year, the Canadian government and educational institutions are coming up with elaborate plans to make student life in the country at ease by making things easier for international students interested in working and living in the country after their studies. So, the government here has the world’s highest investment in education.  

 One can find on-campus programs which integrate students and even the many immigration programs to help in the process of permanent residency applications. One can find diverse campus communities and programs. Universities also provide excellent academic financial assistance based on merit.  

 All these provisions will make your student life in Canada attractive and Curious!  

 Cost of living 

 For a greater convenience in living, a greater financial planning is necessary. So, let’s see how you can plan your cost of living based on the below projections.  

 A. Cost of Accommodationbrown wooden bed frame with white cover beside brown wooden nightstand

We must figure out our accommodation before heading to Canada for more convenience, and Canada is the friendliest nation to make student accommodation easy and with wide options. But finding a budget friendly stay is overwhelming and not an easy task. So, know them before travelling here.   

 The different types of accommodations available are:  

  1. On-campus dormitories

 It is basically an inside the campus accommodation, where universities offer dormitories for students inside the institutions. Here the students have to share one room and other essentials.  

 As it is inside the campus, it is secured.  

 On an average the cost of on-campus accommodation is between 4000 – 8000 CAD yearly and varies depending on the province you choose to live in. 

 2. Homestays or private rentals or temporary stays

 Did you know that on an average, the rent for accommodation here is between CAD 700 (INR 40,583) to CAD 1,000 (INR 57,992) per month, per room in a shared accommodation setting? 

 If international students are interested in private accommodation, it will cost around CAD 1200 (INR 69,591) per month. 

  B. Expenditure outside accommodation  

 As it is known that the cost of living in Canada depends on the province, lifestyles, and personal needs, It is said that on an average, international students can expect to spend about 600 – 800 CAD monthly on food, transport, entertainment, and other daily expenses, excluding accommodation. 

 Part time 

 With Fabulous and bulk of part time opportunities Canada is work friendly and easy to find a job culture for international students.  In Canada, a student can work for 20 hours per week and will be paid around $10 per hour.  

 Do you also know that University’s campus portal also posts part time opportunities for the international students? If no, make sure to visit it regularly for new updates.  

 Some of the famous options are freelancer data entry, waiter, Cafe worker, Cashier, translators and others.   

 So, don’t forget to take a work permit letter with your student card before applying for part time.  

 SIN card / bank account/phone plan


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 After you arrive in Canada, there are a few essential things that are really necessary to ensure a stress-free travelling experience.  

 First thing is getting a Social Insurance Number (SIN),  

second is opening a bank account  

 1. Obtaining a SIN number 

 Normally depending on your arrival at airport in Canada, a SIN number is issued to international students, because it is necessary to avail any type of government provisions and to get a bank account. If you are not issued, you need to apply online.  

 2. Bank Account  

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 Apply for a bank account before getting a part-time job, so your life as a student is not worrisome because today, most of the transactions are through online banking. The required documents for applying for bank account are: 

 Your passport, Student permit (IMM 1442), Proof of enrollment (optional, good-to-have), Social Insurance Number (SIN) or proof of residence (optional, good-to-have) 

 3. Phone SIM card  

 And this is very very important in our daily life which makes our day-to-day life more easier, so getting a phone plan with a sim card and internet plan is crucial. You can get your SIM card by two means:  

  •  Update your current number with an international calling plan departing for Canada.  
  • Purchase a SIM card through the provider’s website in Canada.  

 Places to visit/travel 

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All the things mentioned are in half a path of your journey to Canada, the other half is always exciting and adventurous, filled with exploring new places of Canadian cities and also oneself. Some of the famous cities to visit for international students are:   

  •  Ottawa 
  • Quebec 
  • Vancouver 
  • Montreal 
  • Toronto 


  baked bread with vegetable on brown chopping board

Food is a third dimensional component which tastes better with multicultural recipes in Canada. It is always complimentary to find good food as an international student in Canada. Hence there is a lot to explore and nurture your tastebuds!   

  So, I hope all the above details are useful to make your student life in Canada an exceptional journey in life!  😊  


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