HOW IS STUDENT LIFE IN AUSTRALIA? 

Did you choose to study in Australia? Now know everything about your student life in Australia. In this blog you will get to know about various things that you will experience as a student and this information will be your one-stop guide to study in Australia. 

Excited to know about your student life in this kangaroo country? Let’s look into it here:


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Australia is not only a country of huge biodiversity and wide sceneries, but also famous for its excellent education and high standards of living. It consists of world-class universities with quality infrastructure and qualitative academic curriculum, to make the students learn with real life experiences. 

The Degree from Australia is valued all across the world. Currently, Australia is the fourth most popular country for the students to choose among the English-speaking nations. 

People here are most friendly and welcoming. So, let’s know, how you can enjoy this blissful nation with affordable information. 

Campus life

Most of the Australian Universities are open to foreigners, giving them equal opportunities along with natives. The universities are lush green which is a refreshing experience every time you visit the campus. With digital learning most of the study resources can be availed easily. The campuses contain vast libraries with computers and other infrastructure. 

Do you also know that approximately 27% are of foreign students in Australia? Which will be a great opportunity to interact with diverse people and indulge in diverse cultures while making global connections. 

Student Life 


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It can be said that the Australian way of learning in universities is pretty much different from the Indian way of learning things, so at the beginning you might feel it is daunting but as the time goes on everything will be settled. So, don’t worry! 

You can also find it difficult to understand the Australian way of English speaking (accent) at the beginning, as Indians follow a mixture of US and UK English speaking. But with regular listening and speaking in the same environment you will be able to understand the language eventually. Nothing is impossible! 

Did you know that universities here are filled with a variety of festivals and events all around the year? They celebrate festivals like Darwin festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Melbourne Cup etc. I can say that these festivals are a lot more fun when diverse foreign students come together. 

So, universities here provide a chance to enjoy your life while balancing the academics as well. 

Cost of living 


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Australia ranks top in its Human Development Index and the Quality-of-Life Index. It is a country which provides good quality education and a high degree of health awareness. Living in this developed country is more than satisfying.  

It is estimated that the cost of living in Australia along with accommodation, food/groceries, utilities, transportation, recreation and other course related expenditure will be around AUD$ 400 per week. 

But this can always vary according to your savings and expenditure! 


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At an estimated amount of AUD$150 per week, Australian accommodation is mostly of two types, On-Campus and Off-Campus. 

Off campus students have a facility to live with home stay facilities with their own communities with paid food, water and electricity. 

Another off-Campus option is to live in a flat or a rental room. 

Part time work 

International students cannot take a full-time job on their student visa, they can only opt for part-time. 

Australia allows international students to work for 20hrs a week along with studies. The minimum expected wage is around 19.49 AUD/ hr. This minimum wage is set after the Fair Work Commission (FWC) announced a 3% increase to base rates to pay which took effect from 1st July 2019. 

The most or high paying part time jobs in Australia are server, retail, services like gas station, call-centers, data entry(freelancer) etc. 

Where to look for these jobs? 

One can search on on-campus work portal or in other websites or Ads. 


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When travelling around university and short distances, it is advised to get a bicycle because this is a bicycle friendly country. One can find separate lanes for bicycles on roads which can help you save some money and also the environment. 

For long distances from city to city it is best to travel through buses which is the most affordable transportation in this glorious nation. 

For state-to-state travel one can opt the means of train or flight whichever is feasible to oneself.  

It is said if one is choosing the bus as transportation means, then the average expenditure per week will be around 30 to 60 AUD. 


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Of Course, it will take some time to get accustomed to this country’s climate for international students. With a wide range of ecosystems, ranging from beaches to deserts to grazing areas to coral reefs the country’s climate depends on the location or place of living. 

During summers that is between December to February, the average temperature ranges from 20-30 degrees Celsius. 

In winter that is between June and August the average temperature ranges from 3-20 degrees Celsius. 

Rainfall fluctuates from place to place and season to season yearly with approx. 286mm. 

Australian Culture 

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Australia is considered as one of the happiest nations in the world. It is enriched with multiple cultures and diverse traditions with liberal democratic approach to life. With utopian ideas and egalitarian means it is a welcoming and open society. It upholds equality and emphasizes secular thoughts. 

So, living here is the greatest experience of life which helps in growing personally and spiritually. 

Entertainment and activities 

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If exploring is your hobby, then this country will expose you to the greater experiences in its wide range of activities and entertainment. It is a home friendly country and helps to mark in your travel and activity bucket list. Some of the famous activities here are 

  • Bungee jumping
  • Skydiving
  • Came riding
  • Sydney opera house
  • Great Barrier Reef

And do not forget to visit the world’s largest Australian zoos and parks! 

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Food to explore 

Australian food is mostly protein based with high vitamin vegetables. It is a mixed culture of Italian at the base and Australian at the top. It is a mesmerizing experience for those Burger lovers and pie meat lovers. The food here makes you want to be reborn, revived and recreate your energy levels to satisfy your cravings! 

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So, your student life in Australia is going to be a unique experience which teaches you to grow individually!  

All the Best! 🙂 

Happy reading! ♥


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