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Unlock a world of academic opportunities by choosing to study in Canada for your Master’s degree in Canada. CareerCheQGoAbroad is your trusted partner in navigating the Canadian education system. With renowned universities, diverse programs, and a welcoming environment, Canada offers an ideal setting for your higher education journey.

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Why study in CANADA ? 

Do you know that Canada ranks third place globally for the best quality of life? These provisions are not exceptional for the international students as well. With high quality education and research opportunities one can find the flexibility to transfer between types and levels of education without roadblocks in this country. It also provides world-class education, affordable fees, cheaper living costs, exclusive scholarship opportunities and a great scenic view to study. So, if you’re looking for a work- student life balance, Canada is the best place to experience one’s studies.

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Find the right
CANADA university

With such a wide selection to choose from, selecting the right university is a vicious job. Canadian Universities are reputed to be amongst the best in the world, as they attract students from all over the world and a degree from Canada is in high demand. However, this demand for Canadian universities has led to many organizations to take advantage by false recommendation of universities making many students lead a miserable life. In this scenario it is extremely important to thoroughly research about the university you are considering before accepting a seat. CareerCheQGoAbroad is well versed in all aspects of researching universities and can help you make an informed choice.


Profile evaluation is customary in all the discussion forums related to studying in Canada. One is anxious about their chances of getting an admission in top universities is a common thing. Because for Canada there is no ‘precise’ technique for analyzing a student’s profile. There are exams testing your English language proficiency. It is just another eligibility criterion for a Master’s program and study permit in Canada. To inform you more about the important criteria's considered during admission to Canada University CareercheQGoAbroad have tried to come up with simple and general evaluation techniques to make your journey to study, easy.

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Am I eligible to study in Canada?

How to apply for a study visa in Canada?

What is the cost of living in Canada? and How much does it cost to study?

How to find Part-Time opportunities and scholarships?

Know all the total list of application requirements for Canada?

How is the life of an international student in Canada?

Which state in Canada has the most Indian Community?

Is it safe to study in Canada?

What is the list of things to do after reaching Canada?

What are the exams required to study in Canada?

Fast Facts




38 Million



International Students



1.64 Trillion

Dialing Code



Canadian Dollar



Top Universities

sapenta University
Queen's University
University of Ottawa
University of Ottawa
University of Waterloo
University of Waterloo
University of Manitoba
University of Manitoba

Admission Requirements


Copy of a
valid passport


Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS test scores)

Test Scores

ACT/SAT/LSAT for UG programs, GMAT/GRE scores for PG programs


Academic Transcripts from the previous study


Academic Reference Letters ( LOR )




Statement of Purpose (SOP)


Essays (if demanded by the university)


Portfolio (for specific courses like art and design courses)

Funds Evidence

Evidence of funds like bankstatments.


There are various scholarships offered by the Government, universities and private organisations to support the education of international students. Here is a list of the most popular scholarships to study in Canada:

Visa Options

Express Entry Visa

his is a points-based system for skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Canada. Points are awarded based on factors such as education, work experience, language proficiency, and age.

Sponser Visa:

This visa allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their spouse, common-law partner, dependent child, or other eligible relative to come to Canada as a permanent resident.

Work Visa

This visa is for individuals who have been offered a job in Canada and have obtained a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the Canadian government.

Study Visa

This visa is for individuals who plan to study in Canada at a recognized institution.


Business Immigration Visa: This visa is for entrepreneurs, investors, and self-employed individuals who wish to start a business or invest in Canada.

Visitor Visa

This visa is for individuals who wish to visit Canada for tourism, business, or to visit friends and family.

Cost of Living


CAD$400 - CAD$800


CAD$200 - CAD$600


CAD$120 - CAD$230


CAD$150 - CAD$320

Careers and Work Opportunities

Part-time Work Opportunities
You can work up to 20 hours per week. Working more than 20 hours per week is a violation of your study permit conditions. You can lose your student status for doing this, and may not be approved for a study or work permit in the future. You may also have to leave the country.
Post Study Work VISA

A post-graduation work permit (PGWP) may be valid anywhere between eight months and up to three years. The length of your permit will depend on the length of the study program you completed in Canada.

Canada is one of the leading study abroad destinations for Indian students. The country offers top-notch education at affordable costs which makes it an ideal choice for international students. Offering a dynamic student life, many of the Canadian institutions are ranked among the top 10 global universities. The Canadian Ministry of Education highly encourages foreign students and has also provided various financial aids and facilities to ease their stay.

Being ranked as one of the best places to reside, the country is also renowned for its quality of life. It is also among the safest countries in the world and several residencies provide complete medical coverage for international students. With student-friendly cities like Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Quebec, the vast country has a scenic and pleasant environment with multiple leisure activities. Owing to the flexible and streamlined PR and immigration policies, the country accumulates the largest amount of international students.