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The Founder

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome all students in India to Career CheQ Go Abroad. I believe that with our transparent, honest, and dedicated services, we can help students in India to study in their dream universities. Our company will help you widen your horizons and reach your goals.

Director’s message

Career CheQ Go Abroad was founded with the goal of providing students with hassle-free options for studying abroad. It is an honour and a privilege to be a part of your higher education endeavour. Your educational experience will be stress-free and enjoyable because of the dedication and expertise of our staff here at Career CheQ Go Abroad. All the students who come to us expect nothing but the best from us. To help students make informed decisions about their future professional and personal development, we hired a team of highly qualified experts to provide the best services.

It is our goal at Career CheQ Go Abroad to go above and beyond for our students. The best career counselling for students is always available for free from our team of certified and experienced counsellors. We want to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude for your support and faith in us. Also, we would like to invite you to visit us, as we are eager to assist you in achieving your educational goals. We look forward to meeting you in person.

About the Founders

Our expert founding members will assist you.

Founder and MD (Strategic)
Animisha Reddy

Animisha Reddy is one of the profound founders of Career CheQ Go Abroad. Having interest in business studies, she has completed her MSC in International business management, acquiring wider knowledge in the subject. With a curious insight, she always wanted to establish a practical experience in business.

Founder and MD (Operational)
Sri Rohit Velugubantla

Sri Rohit Velugubantla is the co-founder of Career CheQ Go Abroad along with Animisha Reddy. He has inspired many youngsters with his journey by attending Edinburgh Business School at such an early age. Later with his accomplishment of masters in business he chose to work for The Glenmorangie Company.

Our Values Mission Company Goal
Ethics and transparency in our services help us build a positive reputation with our students. The number of student referrals is a strong endorsement of the quality of our services. Our company's core values include the following:
  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Trustworthiness
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  1. Students' abilities, performance levels, and career goals should be considered when developing a career plan.
  2. To help students who want to go to school abroad find the best possible solution.
  3. Our organization should grow organically through honesty, integrity, and excellence.
  4. We build a solid and trusting partnership by recognizing common values and goals with the partner institutions.
  • Customer-centricity
  • Providing high-quality consulting services
  • Integrity is one's work
  • Effective teamwork ensures responsible counselling.
  • The pursuit of excellence in all that we do
Why choose us?

Career CheQ is committed to help students to reach their goals.

As a leading education and immigrant counselling firm, Career CheQ Go Abroad has established itself as a trusted source for trustworthy, credible, and authentic advice on studying abroad. International students can rely on our full range of counselling services. We help Indian students get admission from top-ranking universities in UK.

Counselling Services are Available Without Charge
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Accommodation for students
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